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Study the South African Curriculum Up To Grade 9 And Then An American High School Diploma That Is Fully Recognised in South Africa & Internationally!

Let your children “attend” school from home!

That’s right, as long as you have an internet connection, school students can attend classes from anywhere! We offer 3 different options as well as a Standard or Premium offering.


Option 1 (Standard) Curriculum, Structured Teachers Calendar and Assessments

Option 1 (Premium) Curriculum, Structured Teachers Calendar and Assessments


Valuable extra subjects


Option 2 (Standard) Audio Lessons, Curriculum, Structured Teachers Calendar and Assessments

Option 2 (Premium) Audio Lessons, Curriculum, Structured Teachers Calendar and Assessments


Valuable extra subjects and access to our Virtual Reality and Audio Visual Lessons


Option 3 (Standard) Live virtual classroom, Audio Lessons, Curriculum, Structured Teachers Calendar and Assessments

Option 3 (Premium) Live virtual classroom, Audio Lessons, Curriculum, Structured Teachers Calendar and Assessments


Valuable extra subjects and access to our Virtual Reality and Audio Visual Lessons

If you are interested in the last option with live classroom sessions, then please read on, otherwise to find out more about any of the first two non live options listed above,

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Check out our Cyber School Premium offering which includes valuable extra subjects,

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Watch an Intro Video About What We Offer

Cyber School Group has, since its inception in 2011 provided a comprehensive teaching service that offers academic guidance and assistance, yet it is managed and functions like a school. This is in order to promote the learning process and create a formal, well structured environment for learning to take place. We use qualified teachers to help you teach your children with scheduled live classroom sessions according to a full time timetable, via the internet. We connect teachers with students that can be located anywhere and in any country, town or city, providing they have access to broadband internet.


So if home schooling was never an option due to your time or other commitments or you not wanting to be the only teacher, maybe it is an option now? Or if you have realised the reality that most students simply cannot do home schooling on a self study basis, you have found the right solution!


See what some of our students say! Our motto is simple,
To “Reach” Students, Learning must be fun! -

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otherwise read farther for information for students from grade 5 onwards.​

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The following information focuses on the needs of grade 5 learners through to a “matric replacement”.

Students and teachers communicate in real time and listen to lectures and ask questions and conduct themselves as though they are in a live classroom session; except this is a virtual classroom!

So all participants are linked to the same live session simultaneously. Students do not need a webcam and only need a pc, internet and speakers to hear the teacher.

All the subjects that a student requires are offered in a comprehensive program that functions like a traditional schooling environment, except this one is virtual! Teachers and students connect via the internet and classes function in a group session in our virtual classroom that includes interactive learning, questions and answers, assignments, projects, homework and exams/assessments.

We follow the South African (Gauteng Province) private school calendar. This means school starts in January and ends in December each year. The school term calendar is available in the Calendar section.

The school hours are typically Monday to Friday from approx. 08h00-13h00, Johannesburg time. Of course, regular breaks between lessons occur and classes are not continuous during those hours.

Daily school class calendars for all grades are available after registration within the student’s online calendar, as are all online exam dates and lesson plans. This means students can also plan ahead for classes or catch up if absent.

CSG Student 2

Students are taught by qualified, experienced teachers. Attendance registers will be logged and interaction amongst all classroom participants encouraged. This program is designed for home schoolers and commences from grade two and continues through high school.

This means students are able to attend school from anywhere in the world!

CSG Students

This is perfect for –


Children that travel with their parents and for whom fitting in with traditional school attendance schedules would be difficult. Great for “expats” living and travelling all over the world!



Children that live far away from a suitable school.



Parents that want their children to avoid the hazards of traditional school such as drugs, violence, bullying, etc.



Parents that want a better standard of education for their children than they can afford. In other words, where a government school is sub standard and yet a private school is too expensive. Plus, there is no better way to equip your children for the Information Age!



Children that suffer from physical disabilities or illnesses that make attending traditional schools that don’t cater for their unique circumstances too difficult.



Parents that want greater control over the quality of their children’s education and aren’t qualified to offer that degree of education via home schooling, or don’t have sufficient time or are not inclined or able to become involved to the extent that may be required.



Parents that want their children removed from a situation of persecution or negative influences, including bullying and social relationships and influences that are detrimental to their well being.



Children that live in countries or jurisdictions where the quality of education is sub standard and they feel the need for them to receive a higher standard of education.



Parents with strong views regarding religious principles or moral values, or that want to control the type or amount of religious instruction that their children receive. (We offer no religious instruction and that is left to the parent’s discretion).



Parents with children that are permanently involved in sports, music, travel, acting or another activity that prevents them from attending traditional school timetables.

Our service is designed to supplement what a home schooling parent is already teaching his or her child. We must stress that legally, you as the parent are still responsible for home schooling your child up to grade 9, where after schooling is no longer mandatory. What we offer is a fully complete and comprehensive program that covers a full school day.

We are therefore not technically a school, but are an educational service that offers comprehensive teaching with experienced, qualified teachers via the internet. This teaching is delivered in a structured school day timetable format that will assist in teaching your child. To read up more about the curriculum and teachers, see the Curriculum section.

Is your child not a first language English speaker? Or is your child’s poor English holding him or her back? See the Curriculum section for a solution!

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