About Us

About Us


We only use qualified, experienced teachers. Parents should bear in mind that this environment is considerably more controlled and has less disruptions than a typical classroom, which results in a dedicated, distraction-free teacher and student environment. This makes teaching much easier as it facilitates better quality learning, resulting in a superior learning experience when compared to students in a traditional noisy, distracting overcrowded classroom.


Anneke L. – Teacher

6th Year with Cyber School


• Graduate of Pretoria Teachers College

• More than 17 years teaching experience

• More than 5 years additional working experience


Yvette D. – Teacher & Head of Academics

4th Year with Cyber School


• 4 year teaching degree (1990 – 1994)

• More than 18 years teaching experience


Lorraine F. – Student Support and Admin Supervisor

6th Year with Cyber School


Daisy L. – Student Support and Admin Assistant

3rd Year with Cyber School


Tamlin S. – Manager

6th Year with Cyber School


Stephanie G.

6th Year with Cyber School

Stephanie brings over 30 years of public relations, sales and marketing experience to Cyber School.


RG M. – Graphic Design

4th Year with Cyber School


Richard Gain – CEO & Founder

Richard has more than 26 years small business management experience and supports and manages the team of dedicated team members that all constantly strive to bring you a world class online education experience. He principally drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth

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