Business Opportunity

Sales Partners:

These are individuals that work independently on a commission only basis in their own time. There are no sign up or monthly fees. You would earn a commission of 25% on all your student sales, on an ongoing basis, with no limit to what you can earn! To qualify you need to sign up 12 students in your first year (assessed at the end of the first year) with at least two being in your first 3 months, and thereafter maintain 15 students on an ongoing basis (assessed from month 15 onwards).

Learning Centres:

An exciting growing trend in the homeschooling market are cottage schools or home learning centres. These are where a responsible person acts as the business owner that sets up and manages the centre from their home. Typically these consist of up to 10 school going children that “attend” school from your home or other suitable premises.

As a minimum requirement you will need suitable premises to cater for each student, and each student will need a desk/workstation. You will also need a solid, reliable and fast internet connection for each student to access. Each student should provide their own laptop pc which they bring to the centre each day. You will also need to have the ability to network or market amongst your local community to attract the no. of students you require.

Generally these centres do not work well for the following two reasons;

1. They are run by a teacher or willing parent that tries to teach numerous children of different ages and grades. As it is virtually impossible to attract students all for the same grade at the same time, these centres end up with a mixture of grades having to be catered for. This does not work except for those centres that use the Cyber School delivery methods. Here’s why; each student needing to be taught at different grades simultaneously creates chaos and is totally unworkable. Instead, with Cyber School, each student will have his own headset and laptop and will work independently and not rely upon the supervisor or other students for support. This means you can have any mixture of students and grades studying within the centre at the same time.

2. They are not run as businesses. This is firstly a business and secondly a learning centre. If the centre is not run as a business it will not succeed at delivering a suitable learning environment and will fail as a learning centre. Cyber School can provide the advice you need to help ensure your centre is a success.

What can I earn?

This depends on what you charge, but we will endeavour to help you make R 20 000/US $ 2 000 per month based on 10 students. This is dependent upon the options and extras taken from Cyber School as well.

Will I use the Cyber School name for my centre?

No. Cyber School only provides the curriculum, E-learning platform access, assessments, and learning materials. You buy that from us and re-package it to suit your own and you immediate environment and brand it with your own name.

Do parents sign up with Cyber School?

Yes they can, or they can sign up with your business, pay you, and you pay us.

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