Franchise Opportunity

We are looking for franchises in different countries worldwide. We have a successfully working pilot in South Africa and we wish to duplicate that success in other markets.

We see Cyber School as being effective competition to expensive and often overpriced international schools.

Depending on your unique market circumstances the delivery options should be under discussion to include collective student activities that take place in the afternoon after schooling, with the help of a co-ordinator that would do sporting, fun and cultural activities.

To find out about Cyber School and what we offer, be sure to watch these 2 videos

Cyber School Group Overview

Cyber School E-learning and E-library Platform

How it Works:

We would, depending on your market, set up your own unique e-learning platform for your market with, where required, local expressions, currencies etc. You would operate as a standalone independant entity in your market and register Cyber School as a Trade Mark. The business would require a full time marketing person, but it is possible that it could be owner-managed to start with.

We would offer the entire turn-key franchise – setting up of the elearning and elibrary platforms as described in the videos above, and managing all servers, manage Google Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns if required, as well as training and support on all aspects of the business.

Requirements of the Franchisee:

1) Able to afford the monthly franchise fee
2) Able to dedicate themselves to marketing the business in their local market
3) You will need to create a comprehensive marketing plan as to how you will develop the business in your market
4) A business profile on who you are


The cost depends on whether you require your own dedicated
E-learning and E-Library platforms, or if you would use our existing platforms.

Frachise 2

To find out more, please contact Lorraine via email c/o or via phone on +27 73 6663692


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