Tertiary Study Admission

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Entrance into South African universities:


South African universities typically require a matric exemption certificate before they will accept students into undergraduate degree programs. A matric exemption certificate is issued by the Matriculation Board in Pretoria. You are advised to verify the admission requirements with the tertiary institution of your choice.


To obtain an exemption certificate you need to pass the GED and get an acceptable score for the SAT exam (US college entrance exam). BOTH are required and both can be taken in South Africa.


The condition is that the student needs to pass his/her first year at university.

Cyber School has sought clarity in writing on this matter
from the Matriculation Board and you can view their reply:

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1) If a student does NOT wish to proceed onto Tertiary studies, he will need to take the GED exam/test as a minimum requirement.


2) If a student DOES wish to proceed onto Tertiary studies, the GED and SAT exams/tests are a minimum requirement.


3) Cyber School offers its own range of GED supplementation and tertiary courses.


In addition, we recommend the Cyber School Premium courses that will supplement a student’s English knowledge and other skills which will greatly improve their future career prospects and if he/she is going onto Tertiary Study, will increase the student’s chances of attaining a higher SAT English score and coping better during his/her Tertiary studies plus of course would benefit him in his/her future career.


Obtaining a GED and Entering University or a Tertiary Educational Institution:


The US based GED certificate is accepted by 98% of US universities and colleges, according to the American Council on Education. Depending on what a student wished to study, there are hundreds of U.S. Based universities and colleges that also offer long distance learning programs, so you should have no problem in finding a suitable program of study via that route.

We offer a SAT preparation course. To read up more about the
SAT preparation courses you can visit the relevant webpage,

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