Save One Year and Finish
Schooling in 11 Years!

The 1st Online School in
South Africa Since 2010!

We offer an internationally recognized matric equivalent (the GED) issued by the United States Government, that saves you one year and has no second language requirement such as Afrikaans and is supplemented by our unique Life Skills program.

We are the world’s first education provider to enable students to learn their entire curriculum by playing Games, combined with a live, full time teacher delivered, structured students’ calendar backed by instant online student support.

See the graphical example below left that illustrates our point by showing you how offline schools’ classrooms have not modernized with the rest of society. Makes you wonder about their curricula and teaching methods, have they kept up or are they less and less relevant?
We are the first and only educator to incorporate thousands of interactive games into their entire curriculum, for each section of each subject within each grade! That means students will be engaged, stimulated and interested in learning as it is fun and is delivered in a medium that they love!

If learning is fun, students will thrive as they will enjoy learning and are more likely to succeed. That’s one of the many reasons why we are different!


The South African CAPS aligned curriculum up to grade 9 and then the GED® aligned curriculum.


Our Life Skills Program offers skills not learnt at “school” including emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and more.

Thousands of interactive games have been incorporated into every section of every subject within each grade!

Cyber School believes interactive games make learning fun and interesting.

Our Life Skills Program offers skills not learnt at “school” including emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and more.

Please watch these 2 videos for information on what we offer.
If you require more detailed info, you can see the relevant webpages on this website or contact us via Whatsapp, live chat, email or give us a call!

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Cyber School E-learning and E-library Platform

Our in-house State of the Art E-Learning platform, Developed since October 2007 and is continually improved upon to ensure we deliver students a world class experience.

The virtual classroom offers live interactive teaching in real time. As a student, you will access this “classroom” every day and attend your classes at predetermined times according to your student schedule and the school calendar.
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Harness Educational Freedom!

Make sure you exercise that freedom by learning in a way that works for you.

Delivering world class service that surpasses that offered by any other leading private school; that means always available management that can assist you instantly via email or phone or live chat, making dealing with our customer support a pleasure!

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