The South African CAPS aligned curriculum up to grade 9 and then the GED® aligned curriculum.
Our Life Skills Program offers skills not learnt at “school” including emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and more.

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Cyber School South Africa Overview

Future Schooling offers
  • A modern updated curriculum that offers subjects that are relevant and can be put to effective use
  • A curriculum that addresses the needs of modern, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Content that is delivered by qualified teachers in virtual classrooms
  • The latest cutting edge tools to make education interactive, engaging and stimulating for students
  • The Future of Schooling, delivered to you anywhere, today!
Based on thousands of students since 2011, the average student stays enrolled with us for 4 years. We must be doing something right.
Download this video to watch offline:
Download this video to watch offline:

Cyber School E-learning and
E-library Platform

Our in-house State of the Art E-Learning platform, Developed since October 2007 and is continually improved upon to ensure we deliver students a world class experience.

The virtual classroom offers live interactive teaching in real time. As a student, you will access this “classroom” every day and attend your classes at predetermined times according to your student schedule and the school calendar.

Cyber School South Africa Overview

Harness Educational Freedom!

Make sure you exercise that freedom by learning in a way that works for you.

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The Past


Here is a phone from 150 years ago

…here is a modern day phone

Here is a car from 150 years ago

…here is a car of today

Here is a textbook of 90 years ago

…here is a textbook of today

…and here are the Cyber School “virtual” textbooks

Here is a classroom of 150 years ago

…here is a “non Cyber School” classroom of today

…and here are the Cyber School “virtual” classrooms

A Cyber School classroom means you can study from anywhere!