3 reasons why you should study a career online

More and more students prefer to study via eLearning.

This modality allows: Completely remote training where students access content, activities, tasks, course tutors, etc. via Internet.

Due to time or distance, studying online is more convenient for some people than studying in the classroom.

Know these 3 reasons why you should study a career online:

Flexibility. “To carry out the online training courses you only need a computer and to be connected to the internet, this gives students the ease of being able to receive the training wherever they are, thus improving efficiency in Your activities.

➤ You learn more and better. According to studies, the information assimilated in e-learning processes is retained 25% more than if electronic solutions for face-to-face training are used.

➤ Compatibility with work and family. Studying online is compatible with many other activities, almost simultaneously (work, leisure, etc.), it is enough to access the computer at any time and, on the other hand, stop training when you want.

Our e-learning platform offers interactive live teaching in real time. As a student, you will access this “classroom” every day and attend your classes at predetermined times according to your student’s schedule and the school calendar.

The virtual classroom consists of a teacher who connects to the classroom interface and at the same time, all registered students log in and also connect and join the classroom. The teacher then begins to teach. Some features include:

✦ The teacher can see all registered students and assistants by name. Absent students will be sent an email at the click of a button to inform their parents of their non-attendance.

✦ Students can upload files (completed assignments) for their teacher to access. Similarly, the teacher can present documents, images, and other downloads for students to access during class.

✦ Students will take exams online. Multiple choice exams (we call them Assessments) will be graded immediately, while descriptive text input responses will be graded manually by teachers. All exams, including questions, student responses, and teacher comments (in descriptive text input only) will be stored for later review and evaluation.

And that is! In our experience, students have no difficulty working with online delivery methods and find it much more rewarding and interesting than traditional methods.

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