6 common mistakes we make when studying

Maybe, when it comes to studying, it is difficult for you to write, concentrate to read, memorize… Have you ever wondered why it is difficult for you to study?

Study is an intellectual activity that enables learning. This implies that it is not a quiet and passive mental task … quite the contrary. Learning by studying means executing numerous mental operations such as reasoning, association, elaboration, images, comparison, classification of ideas. Studying means analyzing and synthesizing using all our mental capacities.

Sometimes, even if we try, something goes wrong and our effort is not rewarded in the notes. This does not mean that we are bad to study, but that we make some mistakes that make us unproductive.

Let’s see the most typical errors when studying and how to correct them:

  1. Distractions

If we study with Facebook open, with the mobile next to it, with music or in a park where hundreds of people pass, what do we expect? Therefore, there is no way to concentrate and the hours we spend in front of the notes will be wasted. If we have to study, let’s do it, let’s not waste time trying, because in the end we will have been very bored for nothing. Eliminate distractions and focus. When you rest or finish, you will have time to chat with your friends.

  1. Environment

Another typical mistake is to study in places that are not adapted for study. Low tables, uncomfortable chairs, low light … It is necessary to create a pleasant space that we use to study, where we can isolate ourselves and concentrate, hang our diagrams on the wall, have space for each subject, etc.

  1. Procasting

If we don’t organize and study a little every day, our grades will not magically rise. It is a mistake to leave everything until the last minute. The brain has limits and we are likely to end up with a mental chaos that will be reflected in the exam. At least five days a week let’s study an hour or two with a break in the middle of 15 minutes. Not much, if you think about it.

  1. Bad organization

Another common mistake is getting poorly organized, not planning the time required for each subject, not keeping notes on the day, not knowing what day we live on … Solution? Use an agenda and hang a calendar on the wall of your room where you can indicate the deadlines for assignments or exams. Plan the time you will need for each subject, calculate the time needed to finish a job counting on the fact that problems will surely arise. So, if everything goes well, you will have it ready before, but if something goes wrong, there will be no problems with the delivery date.

  1. Lack of material

Books, notes, compulsory readings…, you must have everything and long before it is time to prepare for the exams. It is essential so that you can do your daily work and that you do not see yourself at the end with too much material to read that you did not have, or with incomplete notes.

  1. Study techniques

The technique we use may not work well for us. It would be a mistake not to try different ones if the usual ones don’t work as well as they should. Sometimes, because of what we have been taught since childhood, we tend to read, underline, read and try to repeat like parrots what we have read. Logically this does not work for everyone and it is also the least effective technique, that is, it requires more effort and more time than others.

No one is born knowing how to study. You need to learn the proper study techniques and then put them into practice to develop good study habits.

En CyberSchool We offer an 8-week part-time course that will help you develop study skills and techniques.

In the course, some of what you will learn is:

  • Prepare to be successful in any qualification you want to obtain.
  • Provide strategies to cover all academic aspects in a short period of time.
  • Develop an understanding of how the learning process works.
  • Provide you with the resources to better evaluate and manage your studies.
     We help you study better and achieve better results!

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