7 exercises to train concentration

There are people who do their homework in record time and without looking up from the paper. However, others take forever, because anything powerfully catches their attention and they end up being deconcentrated.

There are reasons that affect the lack of attention in a timely or general way. They are aspects that affect your learning process. They do not learn the concepts well, they have gaps because they have not paid attention and when they study they are confused.

In these cases, we can enhance attention span through simple exercises and games that teach adults and children alike to retain important information and ignore distractions. These activities allow training both visual and auditory attention, both very necessary to acquire skills in the study and to exercise memory.

When there are difficulties in maintaining attention, it is important to create a supportive environment and a suitable predisposition on the part of the child. For this it is convenient:

● Find a space suitable for the activity you are going to do.
● Prepare in advance what is going to be needed.
● Avoid distractions such as television, radio, or computer, if not needed for the task.
● Set short-term goals
● Increase motivation with positive comments.

In addition to providing children with an adequate and motivating space, it is necessary to focus on exercises and techniques to generate effective concentration.

Exercises to train concentration

  1. Counting words

Get a text (the page of a book, a magazine …). Mentally count the words in the first paragraph.

Then count the second. And so on. Try not to use your finger or other help to guide you; just the eyes.

  1. Numbers in the head

Close your eyes. You will count to 100 (or the number you get) as follows:

Imagine the image of number 1 and mentally say its name.
Then make it fade so that number 2 appears in your head (like slides).

You say “two”. 2 goes away. The 3 appears … And continues like this until the end of the exercise.

  1. To walk

Walking improves concentration, but you can also train him on purpose with this exercise, which also counts.

Count five steps (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). For the next step, start from the beginning, but go to 6 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). The next one starts from the beginning and goes up to 7.

Continue like this until you get to 10. Then count again just 5 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Repeat the entire sequence as many times as you like

  1. The walk of aromas.

Walk in silence, preferably in a park or some other place where pleasant aromas come together.

Focus on how many different “smells” you can detect. Identify them. And then stick with the one you like best about them. Concentrate on that alone.

You will notice that the aroma you have chosen intensifies due to the attention you put on it.

  1. That stain on the wall

Have a seat. Look at the wall and bring your eyes to a particular spot (some stain, hole, or the like).

Keep your eyes there, but focus as much as you can on your breathing; how air enters the lungs slowly … and how it leaves afterwards. Stay like this for a few minutes.

  1. One thought and leave the rest

From all the thoughts that come to mind, choose one (preferably pleasant) and spend a few minutes exploring it, without thinking about anything else.

  1. A sound that occupies everything.

Choose a word or sound (a mantra or whatever you prefer). Repeat it mentally, calmly, without thinking about anything else for 5 minutes.

You will already increase the concentration time when you are free.

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