Discover your talents and abilities

Discovering your talent or natural gift is possible for everyone. Perhaps you are one of those people who believes they have no talent or any special gifts. As a result of this, it is likely that you have not yet discovered what your true vocation is and you dedicate yourself to a job that does not fill you.

You may also think that your strengths and abilities are not so important as to feel talented, right?

We all have talent and it is our responsibility to know what it is to dedicate yourself to what you love the most. And not only that, but putting it at the service of others to improve this world with the value that you can contribute.

The problem is that we don’t know each other. We have a very limited perception of ourselves distorted by our subjective experience.

According to the definition proposed by the Royal Spanish Academy of Language, talent is related to intelligence, which is the ability to understand and physical or mental fitness, which is the ability to perform or exercise a concrete activity.

Keep in mind that talent is not something reserved for a privileged few who, from an early age, already show a special innate gift, but in many cases, it appears over the years and in the most unexpected way.

Talent can be developed through practice and training. It is the talent learned or acquired versus the innate or inherited.

There is an important difference between the two forms of talent. A person with an innate talent will never lose the ability, even if he does not use it. On the contrary, a person with a learned talent must practice regularly, otherwise he will gradually lose his ability.

It is convenient to answer these questions from within. What makes you happy? What gives meaning to your life? In which activities do you lose track of time? What would you keep doing, even if you didn’t get paid? What would you regret at the end of your life not having tried?

Allow yourself to listen calmly to the responses that come to your consciousness: you will observe that some attitudes so natural in you come to light that you may not have noticed until now. Your skills are those activities that are easy for you to do and that people often praise you for, making you feel happy and fulfilled.

talent and abilities

In order for you to discover and make the most of your innate talents and abilities, we propose 5 strategies that will bring you closer to your vocation.

Examine your satisfaction

The first step in finding your vocation is to examine your level of frustration, emptiness, or satisfaction in life. In this way, it detects your creative discontent and can begin with the search for change.

Eliminate fear

Most people believe that if they do what they like, they will fail. On the contrary, according to what is thought, those who take care of their interests are healthier, more successful and happier.

Explore your strengths

Talents can be natural or learned. A study in Positive Psychology suggests that people’s character has five main virtues that can increase their potential as you cultivate them.

Everything for you

If a job is too easy for you, it bores you; but if it’s very difficult, it frustrates you. When there is a balance between challenge and skill, and you use your talent to do it, you “flow” in such a way that the hours pass without realizing it and without losing enthusiasm.


The common denominator of successful people is the “10,000 hours” rule. For a talent to stand out, a lot of time must be spent practicing it. Does the saying sound that practice makes perfect?

In our online courses we help you improve your talents. Do not wait more. Register now!

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