E-Learning Training vs. Traditional training, which one to choose?

When it comes time to enter higher education, choosing a course is just one of many questions. Also, decide to take undergraduate and graduate courses in the classroom or in distance learning modalities.

In the times we live in, we know first-hand that technology is part of our daily lives. The technological revolution that has taken place over all these years has led us to change the way we consume, access information, and has even led us to have that constant need to share what we have with others. that we are doing at that precise moment.

Technology is present in all facets of our lives. We can see it from our homes to our cars, but now, in addition, in the way we learn and acquire knowledge.

Teach in the classroom

It is the most traditional form of teaching, where all course content is displayed in classrooms where students and teachers meet daily. The class schedules follow the calendar and respect the course shift, which can be morning, afternoon or night. Another characteristic is that, to be approved, the student must reach at least 75% of the frequency in the classes, counted from the presence in the classroom.

E-learning education

One of the characteristics of e-Learning education is flexibility, that is, the student can attend classes at the time and place of their choice, only that they are connected to the Internet through their computer, tablet or smartphone. It is the ideal modality for those with a busy schedule but who are looking to be qualified and up-to-date for the job market.

Another advantage of distance learning is related to financial economics, since distance learning courses tend to be cheaper than in person. In addition, the student saves on trips, since he does not need to be physically in the classroom. Therefore, it is an innovative experience that guarantees dynamic and interactive learning through online educational platforms.

Differences between classroom teaching and distance learning.

The main difference between face-to-face and distance learning is in relation to class schedules, since face-to-face requires the student to commit to the hours, e-Learning allows the student flexibility of time and space, who can attend the Lessons Classes from anywhere and at any time.

Another difference between the teaching modalities is in the evaluations. In the classroom they are carried out in a traditional way, in the classroom and under the supervision of the teacher, with a predetermined time for the conclusion of the exam. There are also the activities established by the teacher of each discipline, which can be individual or group.

On the other hand, in e-Learning, some institutions have a face-to-face center to take exams, where the student must travel on the date of the evaluation. Some activities can also be done online, on the institution’s portal. The time to complete the activity is also established.

Unlike “lifelong” education, this type of modality starts from the need to be able to decide when and where we want to receive training. The online courses are structured and elaborated in such a way that they can be viewed both online, through a website, and on different platforms or devices, whether mobile, tablet or others; and the timing between all of them is very important.

“After all, it is a fact that, in the online model, there are a number of benefits, such as logistics, comfort, freedom and quick access, that make this model the great option that suggests, in certain cases, that a child in elementary school being able to complete your education within your own home, learning only the subjects that interest you, in a playful way. “

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