How to develop autonomy in children?

The development of autonomy in children and adolescents is essential for their future, but sometimes some beneficial activities of the family can go unnoticed. Therefore, today we are going to talk about this topic.

The arrival of a child in family life is full of experiences. Adults go through various situations that lead them to wonder about the best way to educate. Many parents, due to various factors, are unsure about the process of starting to build autonomy in children.

We are going to give you some tips that will help develop your child’s autonomy and independence.

  • Encourage age-specific activities.

Don’t do for your child what you can do alone! Many parents often confuse excessive care with affection and help, this happens for various reasons, such as lack of time and information about the specific skills of each age group.

Teaching to wear tennis alone is a time-consuming task and, in the rush of the day, we run the risk of choosing to do it so that the child saves time or even, not knowing that at a certain age he can already encourage him to do some action alone. safely and skillfully.

See some activities that you have autonomy to do, according to age:

a) From 2 to 3 years

The child can feed himself, sit at the table, store toys, put on shoes without laces and easy to handle.

b) From 3 to 4 years

Your child can now go to the bathroom alone, but even with his supervision. At that age it is still possible to pack the backpack for school, separate dirty clothes from clean ones (for that you can carry two colored bags in the backpack, one for cleaning and one for dirty ones and at home make baskets with the same two colors than school bags). school bag).

c) From 4 to 5 years

In this age group, the child, if stimulated, can change and do personal hygiene alone. You may also be able to eat some meals without help, for example by running jam on bread with a bladeless object.

d) From 5 years

The child can already do some household activities on his own, such as organizing the room, making the bed, washing dishes that are not heavy and that still contribute to the preparation of some foods.

It is also important to encourage the child to take care of the house in several ways, such as: watering plants, feeding animals, and taking care of recyclable waste.

  • Be careful with frequent scolding

Scolding your child in the necessary situations is important to build a personality with solid values ​​for good living in society. However, you need to have common sense and not trivialize scolding. Be careful not to always speak in a negative tone, as it is very impressive.

Remember that your child is learning about the world and needs to feel safe to continue developing. Scolding without reflection ends up making him an insecure adult and highly dependent on the opinion of others. Therefore, before scolding, make sure that this intervention will help you become a better person.
Scolding only makes sense to the child when he understands the reason for the scolding. For this reason, encouraging them to reflect on the consequences of their actions is a key role in building autonomy.

  • Encourage elections and problem solving.

As your child grows, new challenges arise. Encourage him to solve his own problems, always making it clear that he will be there to provide the necessary support.

Talk about disagreements with colleagues and the importance of apologizing and reconciling friends, as well as stating the reason for the discomfort and trying to resolve conflicts through dialogue.
And, above all, we must always remember to ask what he thinks is right and what he wants to do, observing how he seeks to resolve conflicts and thus be able to mediate in this training.

Contrary to what one might think, encouraging and developing autonomy is not letting the child do what he wants. Rather, it is paying attention to your answers and guiding you to the best options, but without deciding or ignoring your opinion. With balance and common sense, you will educate an emotionally strong, determined, and self-confident person.

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