How to Study Course – Skills that every student needs

Every time our children have to study for an exam or have to prepare a practical work, we realize that they have no idea how to start.

One of the most frequently asked questions by parents with children of advanced school age is why do children not know how to study?

Not finding the answers at home, they immediately point to the school, which they hold responsible, especially in recent years, for not teaching an efficient study methodology.

Every student needs to know how to study, but many don’t! This prevents them from realizing their true potential.

You learn to study, of course, if someone teaches you…

Today’s school requires kids to reason, inform, debate, understand, make decisions, select information, and use new technologies. But it does not teach how to do it.

We have a solution to try to solve this problem.

We offer a part-time course that takes 8 weeks and ends with an end-of-course assessment. It consists of 8 weekly modules that are easy to follow. All students need is internet access.

Students receive electronic books online and all studies are done online. This course is intended for all students from grade 4 to grade 12.

In the course, some of what you will learn is:

  • Identifying your personality type.
  • Preparing to be successful in any qualification you want to obtain.
  • Provide strategies to cover all academic aspects in a short period of time.
  • Offering ideas on how to approach study material that other students find difficult.
  • Develop an understanding of how the learning process works.
  • Identifying skills you already have!
  • Provide you with the resources to better evaluate and manage your studies.

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We give you a series of tips and requirements that you must work with your children so that they acquire adequate habits and study methods:

  1. Create a suitable study space. It is essential that your child have a table with enough space, where the necessary materials are available and the environment is calm.
  2. Facilitate your concentration. Avoid distractions around you, such as mobile phones, video games, or television. Try to spread your study over 45-50 minute periods, during which you should avoid interruptions as much as possible.
  3. Teach him to plan. Let him organize his tasks himself.
  4. Attention to the notes. Taking notes requires an attention and synthesis task that can facilitate your child’s study.
  5. Teach him to underline. Underlining can be very helpful in synthesizing ideas. However, many students do not do well. They should highlight only the most important ideas.

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