Importance of educability in the learning process.

Importance of educability in the learning process.

There are multiple aspects that relate to and shape the educational process. In an educational process, when there are at least 2 elements, one of them is the ability to be influenced and, on the other hand, the ability to influence, when there is this possibility of being transformed, then we talk about a perfected subject. , this concept is called educability.

In a previous post we learned about the 4 stages that define the learning process that every human being experiences when learning a skill. The step from being incompetent to being experts in some skill or knowledge.

For this process to take place, it is necessary to have the capacity to want to be educated.

The concept of educability is attributed to the author Herbart, who defines it as a human characteristic, the set of capacities that allow the human being to be the receiver of influences to start from them, build their knowledge and thus allow it to be perfected and transformed

In other words, education is the potential, plasticity or ductility of a human being to be educated, that is, to incorporate knowledge or learning, through his abilities and skills, to improve himself individually and socially.

For education to pass from that power to the act, for the subject to learn effectively, the influence of an educational agent is also needed, which is the stimulus to create increasingly complex mental and thought structures. Learning in human beings is unique and differentiated, and for this reason, the homogenization of learning strategies and greater motivation should be avoided, since nobody learns if they do not want to.

Educability has to do with motivation, since it is this that directs our behavior, thoughts and action, since to learn something it is important to direct our action towards what we want to learn.

How far can the ability to educate go?

Of course, education has a limit, given by human nature itself, that, although it wants to know everything, this is, at least for now, impossible; but it is a great engine to continue discovering ignored truths.

Characteristics of educability:

  • Personal: this characteristic derives from the fact that education is an individual right, but is taken as part of a social group. Intentional. The human being is individual and autonomous, for this reason, he has the ability to decide which course to follow to achieve his learning.
  • Dynamics. The human being must always take into account that the environment that surrounds him at some point will influence the construction of his personality, in this way education will not only remain in theory, but will become acts.
  • Necessary. For human beings to self-fulfill and develop socially, they must have their maximum capacities and that is why education is essential.

The human will always require others to teach him. Since education is of utmost importance during your growth process and therefore being able to hone your skills, this can also be called a habit, as it is accomplished by honing an operational skill.

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