Learn English Easily – 7 Tips and recommendations for learning English

We are currently very busy with work, children, shopping, taking time out for friends, visiting family, etc., and we all want to know the easiest, fastest and most effective way to learn English.

Making the decision to learn English requires a high level of commitment, therefore, in order to make real progress and see results, you must spend time studying the language. But: when do we have time to sit down and learn a language?

In addition to having a good training, there are certain practices that you can put in place to enhance the study of a language.

Check out some tips to learn English quickly and easily

1. Listens

One of the best things about learning English is that almost everything is in English today. That way, you have more opportunities to be in contact with the language.

If you think about it, when a child learns to communicate, he does not read or write. The child takes words from the people around him: parents, brothers, sisters, cartoons, etc. At first, you may understand a little (or not at all). But, over time, his vocabulary improves.

The best thing is that you collect audios with different levels of difficulty. This will help you to associate words and assimilate terms.

2. Learn 2 to 4 words in English every morning

The more you use a word the easier it will be to assimilate it in your head. A child expands his vocabulary as he becomes an adult, because he is using more and more words when communicating.

Every morning think of two to four words in your language that you do not know in English and write them in a notebook. Use a dictionary or the Internet to find the meaning of English words. These are going to be your vocabulary for the day. You have to repeat the words throughout the day. The key is to repeat and repeat until there comes a time when you will assimilate that word unconsciously. Take your notebook with you, in the car, in your bag, on your table, always have it at hand!

Learning four new words a day in English means a total of 28 new words a week.

3. Find your best way of learning English

Listening to music and watching movies in English always helps. Let’s try to integrate English into our daily leisure like watching movies in English that you have previously seen in Spanish. This way you will know the plot and have a context to understand unknown words in English. Or watch videos on Youtube. What is calling your attention? Do you like music? Fashion? The golf? Dog training? Regardless of your tastes, just search for it on YouTube, choose a video and watch it.

4. Set aside an hour a week to learn English as a family.

Or make an agreement with your family to make Saturday breakfast your time in English. This way everyone will learn English and benefit from your classes!

5. Don’t try to learn everything at once

It is almost impossible for someone to learn 100% of a language. Even a native does not know the whole of his own language, so it is essential that you do not want to encompass the immeasurable. Focus on the percentage of words and expressions most used in the usual language.

6. The use of colored post it

The technique is to learn new words, write one in a different color and paste them on the corresponding object.

For example, if you learned how to say “lamp” as a new word, you put the post in it, every time you see you will remember the pronunciation and writing and thus reinforce your new vocabulary.

7. Read children’s books

This will make it easier for you to learn English at a “basic level”. You will discover simple phrases, which at the same time will help you to know how it is grammatically structured.

I hope you have found some of these helpful tips for learning English. Follow these tips, apply them every day, and learn English quickly.

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