At the Life Skills Program we offer a variety of courses to complement the existing curriculum your child is taking at his current school.

Each course described below can be taken separately or as a combined, discounted package which costs US$ 99 per month.

These extra subjects do not replace, but will rather complement and be taken side by side with their current curriculum at their current school. Whilst certificates of completion are issued for each of the Life Skills courses, they are not certified by any external body and are designed to offer sorely needed extra knowledge and skills that we feel are lacking in all schooling curricula. 

In this context, this program is a range of different courses that we have created to collectively make up the delivery of an entirely new range of skills and knowledge to those students that are enrolled.

We believe that students don’t get enough of this knowledge and skills that they need from the existing curricula that are offered; the curricula are in most cases hopelessly outdated and not nearly as relevant as they should be for today’s modern, ever-changing, information-based era.

In the new world in which we live now, Shakespeare, complex Trigonometry, advanced biology terms, scientific formulas about the elements, and studying content that is irrelevant and won’t be used again have little place in our daily lives. Instead, we need to better equip our children to face the challenges of tomorrow.

All students have to study the content of their current schooling curriculum as that is not negotiable and is a requirement to pass the examinations that are set by those examining bodies. There is no escaping that.

However, there are courses and subjects that you can offer your children to better equip them for these challenges. We have identified various subject areas that we think all students should know more about, in order to give them a better chance at succeeding and making the right decisions throughout their careers.

The course grades attained by students will display on report cards as each course level contains graded assessments. These grades are not part of any official curriculum and this allows parents to assess the ongoing progress of their children for the courses covered in this program.

The combined course is structured to be taken and paid for over 12 months, and each student is allowed access to a certain number of modules from each course on a monthly basis. (This is described below) The course can be started at any time. Each course is optional and when taking the entire program, the total cost is not reduced if you choose to not take certain courses. You can access each course’s standalone price on the relevant course page (available via the links below).

Should a student wish to complete the complete Life Skills Program sooner than the allocated 12 months, he/she can take the course over 9, 6 or 3 months. Simply make that selection on registration and your will be billed accordingly.

Should a student wish to take one or more individual courses as opposed to the complete Life Skills Program, he/she can choose any of the course/s offered and take these at his/her own pace by simply paying for the next modules at time intervals that suit the student.

You can read up about each course via the relevant sections below

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