Problem solving: A key skill for the 21st century

Problem solving: A key skill for the 21st century

The resolution of problems will be the most valued social competence for 69% of those responsible for human resources surveyed, then for goal orientation (58%) and collaboration (57%).

The ability to solve problems can be defined as the effectiveness and agility in finding solutions to surgical problems. Those people with high capacity for problem solving are the functions of acting proactively, without wasting time, and finding the most specific solutions for each case, always thinking about the repercussions that can have a long term.

Can this skill be trained? Can we improve our ability to solve problems? Of course.

There are some specific methods with which it will be possible to develop this competition, and thus position itself as an attractive candidate for companies. Let’s see what child:

Identify the problem

It is the first step in solving a fact that could be better, more efficient, or more profitable. It is imperative that it is detected and specified exactly for the process in the best possible way.

Keep an open mind

Do not discard solutions beforehand, motivate your creativity

Describe the situation.

Collect outstanding information that helps us have a clear vision of the situation, allowing us to know where we started from and what we want to achieve.

Find all possible solutions

Your goal is to complete a list of conceivable alternatives. What is sought are strategies that are directed towards the original cause. An exercise to detect possible corrections is the 5 whys method.

You start from a problem and different causes of the problem are identified asking us the question: “Why?” When we can no longer continue answering, it is that a possible root cause of the problem has been reached and a solution can be given.

Assess the positive and negative consequences of each of the possible solutions

Now that I will be selecting and looking in detail at all those possible solutions, weighing each detail, the pros and cons, the resolution time, if we have the necessary resources.

Choose the one that best suits and is most convenient

After weighing all the options it is time to choose between all of them but now we are going to carry out the action, after all it is the most important part. It would be convenient to carry out an action plan, with dates, processes, objectives, monitoring.

These methods are not magic, they do not work overnight. They must train to accustom the mind to think differently. The same problem can have many different solutions and studying online develops the ability to recognize the best options.

Be creative to achieve your goals, enroll in our courses and develop 21st century skills.

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