Self-knowledge, the first step to success

Self-knowledge consists of knowing our own mental states, psychological processes, dispositions and preferences. In other words, knowing ourselves psychologically, how our mind works, our emotions, our personality.

Self-knowledge is a very powerful psychological weapon that makes us move forward and face limitations; It is the act of meeting and knowing ourselves in depth, as well as our emotions, our defects and qualities, our problems and the context in which we find ourselves. It is not just about storing information about the day to day, but paying attention to our emotional and psychological state, as well as our context, in order to analyze everything comprehensively and holistically.

Self-knowledge is generally a slow process, but with firm steps. When you can raise awareness that investing your time in knowing yourself is a priority, it becomes an ongoing and rewarding learning process.

Getting to self-knowledge, as we explained, is a task that requires effort, time and great motivation. Some practices that can lead us to this state of self-awareness are work meditation, acceptance and responsibility. A conscious and sustained exercise is needed to reflect on who we are and who we want to be. Writing about our past, about how we feel and what we expect from the future, can also be a great tool for self-knowledge.

Among the points that you must examine within yourself are the following:

Values: they are principles that represent it, they are a set of dreams, ideals and aspirations. It is good to ask yourself what values ​​define you, what values ​​you feel comfortable with and which ones you want to change.

Skills: it is the way you use all your resources to solve a certain situation. What are you capable of? His skills go hand in hand with the knowledge he has, with his personal skills and attitudes.

Vision: It is a key point when you start the process of self-knowledge. Vision is a source of inspiration, it projects what you want into your life, and it helps you stay focused on difficult times. Having that vision will keep you motivated.

Project yourself and develop an action plan to achieve it:

Preferences: it is what you choose among all the alternatives that you can see. The priorities are preferences, what you value above other things are your preferences, ask yourself: what do I like to do? What makes me feel more comfortable? Why? Who do I enjoy sharing in my free time? Undoubtedly, preferences are part of the traits that differentiate us from others.

Emotional management: this point deals with emotional intelligence, the set of emotional competencies that characterize it, the ability to know oneself, develop self-control, maintain motivation, have empathy and possess social skills.

Emotional intelligence: it is an aspect of your life that can be constantly improved, in addition to being able to express your emotions in a balanced way, you can also distinguish those from others.

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