Skills you will develop when studying online

Studying online goes beyond just sitting in front of a computer and watching a video. And is that distance education requires the development of a series of skills.

Due to its advantages, online education is gaining more followers every day. However, to study a distance the student requires certain characteristics, without the resulting consequences very difficult to obtain success in this option. If you don’t already have them, you need to put them into practice and develop them.

Let’s see challenges are those skills.


If you are considering studying online, it is probably because you already have multiple responsibilities. Therefore, if you opt for this technology, you must be highly motivated. Part of this motivation depends on the chosen course and the relationship with your classmates and tutors, but another high percentage depends only on you and the desire you have to continue learning and improving yourself every day.


Unlike what happens in face-to-face education, when studying online there will be no one chasing you to turn in assignments, study lessons or keep time. Therefore, progress in this type of process depends largely on the responsibility you assume with yourself.

Time management

Although the workload of a virtual course can be as heavy as that of a face-to-face course, this modality offers you the freedom to decide at what time of day to study. However, it depends on this ability that you really are able to sit down to study, put together a study plan and organize your pending tasks.


As an online student, you should be aware that the fact that the program is flexible does not exempt you from the commitment to dedicate enough time to study and carry out the assigned activities, in order to learn and accredit the course.

Self appraisal

Most online courses have a tutor, as well as certain tasks that will allow you to deduce how you are doing. Therefore, you must develop a great self-assessment skill that allows you to know when you need to study, which areas are costing you the most work or when you are not trying hard enough.

Technological skills

To study online, you quickly have to adopt the technological tools necessary to successfully complete your course. In addition, you must develop a great handling of web search and content management, as well as being willing to use new applications and constantly update yourself.

Ability to communicate in writing

Since written communication is the most common in this modality, you should feel comfortable expressing yourself in writing and doing it efficiently. The quality of your writing is in direct proportion to your results.

Ability to solve your doubts

Unlike a face-to-face student who may be afraid to express their doubts in public, an online student recognizes and uses the media when in doubt. It is expressed in forums, emails and blogs and is heard in case of problems.

Those who succeed as distance students

  • They are highly motivated.
  • They are independent.
  • They are active students.
  • You have skills to manage your time and organize.
  • You have the discipline to study without external reminders.
  • Can be adapted to new study environments.

These may sound like the qualities necessary to succeed in any study environment, and, in fact, they are. But the context of distance education puts special pressure on students to be independent and self-disciplined. If you are considering distance study as an option, it may be in part because you have multiple responsibilities. Since you probably already have a busy life, you have to be strongly motivated and able to structure your world to allow yourself time to study.

At CyberSchool we want our students to be able to plan, organize, control and evaluate their own training processes and the work that this involves. All this in front of the great diversity of situations where it is possible to learn.

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