Smart reading – How to be a smart reader?

Reading skills can be very useful in academic and professional settings.

Reading can be a habit, a hobby, a way to have fun while waiting for a meeting, an obligation in the educational field, or a relaxing moment after a long day of work. This habit adapts to all people, situations and wills.

However, mindful reading involves much more than completing the pages of a book or text and getting to the end of it. The truly intelligent readers are those who, once the reading process is complete, can keep a clear idea of ​​what they have read in their minds.

What is smart reading?

Smart reading is a skill that is developed through the use of a set of solid strategies in reading and analyzing texts, smart reading is about knowing what to read, when to read and how to read it.

It is a type of holistic practice that integrates other key reading skills, to achieve this consider the following steps:

  • Reads and takes notes instead of reading each word
  • Identify your reading priorities
  • Dig for a deeper understanding of concepts and arguments rather than just prepositional knowledge
  • Set aside enough time for your readings.
  • Make mind maps so that the information is saved
  • Add an emotion to what you are reading so that it stays fixed in your memory.

You don’t need to read the entire book, remember that books are very stuffed because printers tell authors that you need X number of pages. Your mission as a smart reader is to extract the important content.

Time to apply smart reading

What makes an intelligent reader is its practicality when it comes to having a book in hand and also having mastered the habit of reading; Remember, start by identifying what you are most interested in reading and do it every day.

To enhance your abilities through reading, to improve your abilities you need to have the habit; the habit is much more than the technique because you are always going to take a book to read and manage to apply it in life, to start with that habit of reading, you can start reading 5 minutes a day, after a couple of days you read 10 minutes and so until you get used to always holding a book and reading it Start Today!

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