Take advantage of quarantine to learn – Study Online

In times of uncertainty, the good news is that online education also comes to your home.

The possibility of studying at a distance has existed for some years, but in times of quarantine, it represents a great opportunity not to postpone your education.

Being at home can be your chance to learn new things. Cyber School “School from Home” offers a series of online activities so you don’t waste time and your quarantine is productive.

Remote learning has become important in recent years thanks to technological advances and the advantages of studying from anywhere in the world. This format allows you to manage times more effectively, avoid transfers and connect with people from all over the world from the comfort of home. And it becomes even more attractive in times of quarantine.

The coronavirus forces us to stay home. And it is a good opportunity to take advantage of the time to train digitally and online. You can access our courses with practical classes and video chat, you only need a device (computer, cell phone or tablet).

What we offer…

At Cyber ​​School All students follow an international curriculum for homeschooling in grades 2-9, and then the United States-based curriculum for two more years until they graduate with a high school equivalent Internationally accredited, the GED High School Diploma, issued by the Maine State Department of Education, in the United States.

Please watch these 2 videos for information on what we offer. If you require more detailed info, see the relevant webpages on our site.​

Cyber School South Africa Overview

Cyber School E-learning and E-library Platform

We also have a variety of different courses that we have created to collectively offset the delivery of a whole new range of skills and knowledge to those students who are enrolled.

We believe that students do not get enough knowledge and skills that they need from the existing curricula on offer; In most cases, study plans are hopelessly outdated and not as relevant as they should be for the current, ever-changing and information-based era.

In the new world we live in now, Shakespeare, complex trigonometry, advanced biology terms, scientific formulas on the elements, and content study that is irrelevant and will not be used again have little place in our daily lives. Instead, we need to better equip our children to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We have identified several subject areas that we believe all students should know more about, to give them a better chance to succeed and make the right decisions throughout their careers. Click here to see more.

All this using only qualified and experienced teachers. Parents should note that this environment is considerably more controlled and less disruptive than a typical classroom, resulting in a dedicated and distraction-free environment for teachers and students. This makes teaching much easier as it facilitates better quality learning, resulting in a superior learning experience compared to students in a traditional, noisy and distracting classroom.

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