The importance of critical awareness in our relationships and parenthood

Do you use a critical conscience regarding your behaviors and judgments at home and at work?

We know that the family is the base, where the first social interactions take place in the child’s life. Therefore, it is the one that transmits, in a conscious and unconscious way, the main values ​​and beliefs to the little ones.

It is essential that all members are involved and concerned about living in a pleasant and healthy way. The enormous importance of a healthy family environment for unaffected children, the importance of school care, the other environment in which they spend many hours a day.

How is your family relationship?

Often, in the family relationship, we perceive moments of impatience, intolerance, irritability, fatigue, we scold our children without knowing much if it was their fault, that is, we judge hastily and repeat this same behavior in the school environment.

Criticism in collections and criticism are related to not reflecting on events, that is, it precedes the conscious gaze. In this sense, these excessive actions are dangerous for the emotional development of children and the maintenance of a healthy relationship.

In the child’s development, excessive demands and criticism can generate consequences such as feelings of inferiority and disability. The child begins to feel incapable of achieving what the family and teachers expect of him, and consequently becomes insecure and shy.

Both as parents and educators, we will convey safety to children. The space inside the house should be open so that they can talk about their fears and problems.

Unfortunately, however, in many families and schools, child suppression is common even before they finish telling what happened.

Many parents and teachers want smart, well-behaved children and students who will obey them without question. In the family, there are situations such as: making bed, doing the dishes, not going to the party, etc. Teachers who loudly ask students to “stop yelling”, for example, also don’t act critically on their actions.

Too much of this type of behavior can lead to an imbalance in relationships, which is important to always think before acting, make conscious decisions.

How to establish this balance in relationships?

Whether outside or inside the home, balance does not occur without the formation of a mature Self. First of all, I must know myself, self-knowledge is the first step. A mature self allows me to reflect on my behaviors and this is the best way to think critically.

Knowing yourself is a practice that carries responsibilities, such as making a conscious and critical decision.

The “I” represents our critical conscience, our conscious will and our decision-making capacity.

This period of isolation offers the opportunity to carry out this exercise of self-knowledge, to reflect on how we are making our decisions and if they are favoring the construction and maintenance of healthy relationships both at work and within the family. Does our behavior affect the education of our children?

From these reflections, I invite you to challenge yourself: how about we analyze and ask our children and spouses, how we have acted and reacted in our relationship with them?

Did you like the article? I hope it has been helpful to you and helps you use critical awareness to improve your relationships. I also take this opportunity to recommend reading the blog post: Self-knowledge, the first step to success

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