The importance of studying various languages ​​in the 21st century

Having full command of two different languages ​​brings excellent benefits not only in a personal environment, but also in work; More and more job offers are asking for staff who are fluent in a second language.

Speaking a second language perfectly opens more doors for a global job market. Not only is it easier to find a job, but the bilingual can hold a high position within the company since some of the advantages of being bilingual are that they have mental flexibility, generated from the process of assimilation of sounds and words. that make up new verbal constructions.

People who are able to speak two languages, are said to have the power to listen and pay attention to what is happening in their environment, are more open to considering different perspectives and pay more attention to the details that occur in their daily lives. What gives them an ability to be multitasking, to focus on various activities and to find innovative solutions to the problems present in their day to day.

It is also considered a very important advantage that mastering another language, allows a wide knowledge of another culture, even today and thanks to cross-culturalization, many young people and children have been involved in North American musical genres, and many studies affirm that it is thanks to these that children find it easier to learn a new language unlike adults, and this is thanks to the constant curiosity of the little ones and their affinity to learn new things.

Last but not least, it should be noted that bilingual people have a special gift for communication, due to the universal phenomenon known as “linguistic contact” that encompasses the reality that thanks to social networks and digital platforms, it is very Common for a person to listen to music or watch series among others, translated into a language other than their own, this phenomenon not only expands the vocabulary with new phonemes, but also provides innovative options that facilitate satisfactory communication with an individual from another culture.

How to achieve the discipline you must have to achieve the learning of a second language?

Fear of making mistakes is the greatest enemy of practice. Don’t fall for this mistake in a discipline that practically feeds on mistakes to make progress. Remember that each corrected error is one more step towards excellence.

It should be considered a daily habit. The difference lies in not giving up, in not paying attention to the internal voice that says “not today” or “I can’t.” This means that there are no excuses in imaginary character flaws to evade discipline.

It should also be kept in mind that you are practicing English, not studying. Not to relate it to learning, but to a practice. “Listening to songs, watching movies, participating in games in another language, are experiences of immersion in the second language that promote long-term retention.”

Do you want to be part of the bilingual professionals of the 21st century? Enroll in our English and Spanish courses and study at your own pace with qualified teachers.

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