The Underline – 3 Techniques to learn to underline

The Underline is one of the most useful tools we can use to help us study and understand what we read. Underlining is essential to study well, it is the previous step to correctly make a summary or an outline. Simple techniques save us a lot of time using our elbows in front of the book.

Why is Underlining important?

  • Because we quickly arrive at understanding the writing and organization of a text.
  • Helps fix attention.
  • Encourages active study and interest in grasping the essentials of each paragraph
  • The critical sense of reading is increased.
  • Once underlined, a lot of information can be reviewed in a short time.
  • It favors assimilation and develops the capacity for analysis.

These are the main techniques that can be used when underlining and improving your way of studying:

1. Complete thought

Underline all the words that constitute an important support to the main idea of ​​the paragraph, as many as you consider necessary and avoid marking those that do not contribute to the central concept.

Keywords, both main and secondary ideas, are underlined. Different colors and strokes can be used to differentiate different parts of the underline but without overloading the text.

The advantage of this underlining method is that it takes little time since it only requires marking a large number of words in key sentences.

2. Incomplete thinking

Check the parts of the statements that contain an irreplaceable main idea or supporting details, trying to highlight only the sector that accurately conveys the central concept.

Avoid the temptation to underline a complete statement to generate the summary effect on each statement. The marked sectors indicate that there are key concepts or ideas that we must understand and be able to develop.

Incomplete thinking has the advantage of lending itself to recitation when you review it, an ideal method for self-evaluation of questions and answers.

3. Custom signage

It can be used as a technique in itself or as a complement to the first two methods. Main ideas and supporting details will be distinguished by applying symbols such as asterisks, lines, double underlining, colors or the element that you consider most practical.

A double underline could reference a main idea and an asterisk, its explanation. The same happens with the colors, each one will have a special meaning.

Remember to always apply the same symbols or colors to facilitate the process in all texts.

Let’s see what steps you must follow to achieve a good underline.

Do a first reading.

This first reading will help you to have a first contact with what you have to study and to have a general idea of ​​the concepts that are covered in the text. During this first reading you should not stop to delve into the information, it is only a first contact.

Take an active reading.

After the first reading, you must re-read the text you have to study, but now the reading must be active. Look at each statement, text, illustration, examples, etc., that will help you structure and understand everything you are reading.

Identify the most relevant information.

Now is the time to identify the most relevant concepts and information, since it will be this information that you will have to underline in the next step. Basically, you must separate the grain from the chaff, discarding that expendable information.

Underline the most important information and concepts.

Once you have identified the most important information (titles, concepts, definitions, dates, etc.) you should highlight it by underlining. You should try not to leave any important data underlined.

Review and complete the underline.

Once you have finished underlining, read the text again, but now only what you have underlined. Verify that all important information has been underlined. In addition, it is time to complete the information by means of notes that complement the base text.

As we have discussed in this article, underlining your notes is the basis for applying other study techniques, such as summarizing or a mind map.

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