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Before, those who practiced self-learning were known as self-taught. These prominent figures include Charles Chaplin, Woody Allen, José Saramago, Gabriel García Márquez and Estanislao Zuleta, among others. They all chose to learn outside the classroom and formal programs.

A few decades ago, this type of training was based on books and experimentation. Today, with the presence of the Internet, studies in any area of knowledge can be carried out through the web and include documents, videos, animations and all kinds of resources.

Self-learning is a system that benefits the integral development of the student, ensuring lifelong learning, which gives him the freedom to be creative, learn through his own mistakes and understand that he is solely responsible for the results of his work.

Given its characteristics and advantages, virtual education is the perfect environment to motivate self-learning


The absence of a physical space to attend gives the student the opportunity to enter the platform when it is convenient and, therefore, a flexible schedule. With this factor in favor, it is important for the student to learn to manage their time.

A tip for students who want to successfully complete an online course is to integrate it into their agenda, planning and organizing activities is key to dedicating time to our education.

➢Rhythm of learning

The pace of learning is closely related to the flexibility of the schedule. This feature of online education allows the student to determine their learning strategy and how it will be implemented to make the most of their education.

➢The student as the center of the learning process

Asynchronous communication and the role of the student as the main person responsible for their learning are factors that motivate the search for their own sources of information.

These sources can be found in the Cyber School course material, proposed by the teacher himself, and in the discussion forums, where they can lean on their own classmates to answer questions.

What characterizes self-taught people is the constancy of daily life, effort, motivation, restlessness, critical and analytical capacity and organization. To be self-taught, you must have a primary goal that defines exactly what you want to achieve.

Enroll in our courses, learn to be self-taught and take control of your future.

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