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5 reasons to study a career online

soft skills

The world has changed. And with it we can also see the changes that have taken place in society, especially regarding human behavior and complexity. The digital universe dominated our life (and still continues), transforming and leaving the old methods of consumption to the past. Education is a good example of how the arrival and […]

Is online education the trend of the future? 10 Trends to Watch Out For

online education

When we speak of education today, two main revolutions are evoked: one provided by the invention of the printer, in the 15th century, by Gutenberg; another brought by the popularization of the internet. The ability to print and replicate documents triggered a kind of learning. Now the idea of ​​having a large amount of content […]

Difference between high school diploma and GED®


Currently, students are largely the obstacle to completing their high school level. Many drop out of school for not using resources to continue, for having to work to feed their family; among other various factors. You can drop out of school for a while with the desire to return to school at some point and […]

10 tips for studying online

studying online

Studying online today is a reality. Searching for courses to improve the curriculum and entering the job market brings multiple people of different ages back to study, and for those who need something flexible, especially over time, online courses are a big draw. But not everyone is used to doing their own study. Accustomed in […]

5 things you should know about online education

online education

Many people always have a lot to say about online education. But few really speak knowingly. Depending on what you hear or read, distance learning may seem like a great solution or a big problem. In the next line we will present 5 things you should know about online education: Online education is here to […]

E-Learning Training vs. Traditional training, which one to choose?

When it comes time to enter higher education, choosing a course is just one of many questions. Also, decide to take undergraduate and graduate courses in the classroom or in distance learning modalities. In the times we live in, we know first-hand that technology is part of our daily lives. The technological revolution that has […]

What should parents do about the use of social networks in adolescence?

The use of social networks in adolescence is something increasingly common. Many people who are now parents or guardians have likely had contact with a social network during adolescence or early adulthood. However, it is important to know how to accompany and guide children in the virtual environment. The possibility of being able to communicate […]

How to help your child to be the protagonist of her life?


Is your child smart? The possibility that your answer is “yes” is enormous. And, possibly, you’re right: Children and teens are often smart. The bad news, however, is that it doesn’t mean much. The bad news, however, is that it doesn’t mean much. It was to this conclusion that Carol Dweck, a professor in the […]

6 ways to help your children with learning disabilities

Understand how to identify your child’s learning difficulties and how to help her in her studies. During the years of study, the child ends up having more ease with some subjects and less with others. Each one has a development time. However, they may have more comprehension problems than most students and scores well below […]

What are limiting beliefs and how to avoid them in parenting?

Find out what limiting beliefs are and what impacts they can have on the lives of children and adolescents. We succeed in overcoming challenges when we believe we can do this. Similarly, we cannot overcome them when we believe that this is impossible. Limiting beliefs are obstacles that prevent us from changing the world. But […]


Cyber School believes interactive games make learning fun and interesting. Games help make the hard stuff in life fun! We develop age and subject appropriate games that we incorporate into each subject and grade of the schooling curriculum wherever possible.

Just another way that we show you why we are the preferred choice for online homeschooling!

Here is the number of games included in each grade, with each game being allocated to lessons and subjects.


Check out these live game samples below by clicking on each one!

Grade 2 English

Grade 3 Mathematics

Grade 4 English

Grade 5 Science

Grade 6 English

Grade 7 Life Skills

Grade 8 English

Grade 9 Social Studies

GED L1 Mathematics

GED L2 Mathematics

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