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Cyber School students receive tuition for the South African CAPS aligned curriculum up to grade 9 and then the GED® aligned curriculum in compliance with those regulations; in addition, they receive the Cyber School Life Skills program.

The extra Life Skills program subjects do not replace, but will rather complement and be taken side by side with the current curriculum. The main curriculum is mandatory and whilst certificates of completion are issued for each of the Premium Option courses, they are not certified by any external body and are designed to offer sorely needed extra knowledge and skills that we feel are lacking in all schooling curricula.

In this context, the term Life Skills Program means a range of different courses that we have created to collectively make up the delivery of an entirely new range of skills and knowledge to those students that are enrolled.

We believe that students don’t get enough of the knowledge and skills that they need from the existing curricula that are offered; the curricula are in most cases hopelessly outdated and not nearly as relevant as they should be for today’s modern, ever changing, information based era.

In the new world in which we live now, Shakespeare, complex Trigonometry, advanced biology terms, scientific formulas about the elements, and studying content that is irrelevant and won’t be used again have little place in our daily lives. Instead, we need to better equip our children to face the challenges of tomorrow.

All students have to deal with the content of their current mandatory curriculum as that is not negotiable and is a requirement to pass the examinations that are set by those examining bodies. There is no escaping that.

However, there are courses and subjects that you can offer your children to better equip them for these challenges. We have identified various subject areas that we think all students should know more about, in order to give them a better chance at succeeding and making the right decisions throughout their careers. At Cyber School, we offer two curricula, one is the GED® and the other is our own. To read up more about the GED® curriculum…

The Life Skills Program is highly recommended and is automatically combined with the GED®/International curriculum

If you wish to have any of the Life Skills Program subjects excluded, simply let us know and we will remove them, otherwise, they will al be included in each student’s curriculum.

Students wishing to take the GED® final examinations and acquire GED® certification must take the required GED® curriculum subjects, that are set by the GED® Testing Service and not by Cyber School.

The Life Skills Program is developed for Cyber School Premium option students and is designed to supplement the GED® curriculum, thereby offering each student the best all-round curriculum available anywhere. Although we believe it is essential, the Life Skills Program offers no external certification (except for internal report cards) and is optional.

These tables show you the subjects that each student would learn from Grade 5 onwards:

South African

Grade 5, 6, 7
  • Afrikaans (can be excluded)
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • (Geography and History)
  • Economics
  • Life Skills

South African

Grade 8, 9
  • Afrikaans (can be excluded)
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • (Geography and History)
  • Economics
  • Life Skills

United States based internationally recognized curriculum

Year 1 & Year 2
The GED® curriculum is not officially offered or divided up into 2 levels, but we have labelled them Year 1 and Year 2 simply for practical reasons as we offer teaching support spread over 2 years.
  • Reasoning through
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • (History, Geography, Economics,
  • Civics & Government)

These are the three options on offer for students to access academic content:

(Based on your preferences, any of these subjects can be excluded)
**(These courses are only offered for GED Levels 1 and 2)
*** (This is offered from grade 8 onwards)
(Akrikaans textbooks are not included in the above fees)

You Save R25 801 Per Year! (By Selecting Premium Option compared to Basic Option)

You Save R30 848 Per Year! (By Selecting Premium Option compared to Standard Option)

This assumes that you purchase all the optional courses whilst still remaining on the Basic or Standard options, and shows the amount you would save by rather taking the Premium Option as opposed to buying the optional extras separately.

To read up more about the fees, terms and discounts offered, see the Fees page.


Cyber School believes interactive games make learning fun and interesting. Games help make the hard stuff in life fun! We develop age and subject appropriate games that we incorporate into each subject and grade of the schooling curriculum wherever possible.

Just another way that we show you why we are the preferred choice for online homeschooling!

Here is the number of games included in each grade, with each game being allocated to lessons and subjects.


Check out these live game samples below by clicking on each one!

Grade 2 English

Grade 3 Mathematics

Grade 4 English

Grade 5 Science

Grade 6 English

Grade 7 Life Skills

Grade 8 English

Grade 9 Social Studies

GED L1 Mathematics

GED L2 Mathematics

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