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We offer one on one extra lessons in all subjects for all grades as well as group extra lessons for Mathematics

Individual one-on-one extra lessons:

The individual lessons are structured at times that suit the student and the teacher. Students are given one-on-one teaching via the internet, so they can be based at home or anywhere!

So when enrolling with us, we will leave that up to the teacher to determine and then to cater for the actual level that is required.

Maths Plus Lessons:

We offer an additional small group extra lesson to supplement Mathematics. These extra lessons are called Maths Plus. They are offered for each grade (from Grade 8) and are designed to give students that extra practice and individual attention they may need.

These will be small group extra lessons with class sizes restricted to 10 students. Each 30 minute lesson will take place once per week at set times and will cover the current Maths curriculum that is being covered in lessons. So they will focus on what is being done currently throughout the term.

To read up more about the costs see the Fees section.
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