The School Leaver Certificate (SLC) aims to give students
what they need, and discards what they don’t.

The SLC or School Leaver Certificate is issued by the Academic Committee of Velocity Corporation Limited, a non South African company that has a track record of more than twenty years of successfully delivering quality academic courses and curricula to students in South Africa.

The SLC is a high school graduation equivalency certificate that is conferred upon successful students that have passed the required assessments. The SLC (School Leaver Certificate) is issued as a final school leaver equivalent.

Note that we speak of assessments and not exams. Exams belong in the last century and are not fit for today’s modern world. Why? In the real world of work and being an adult, you don’t write highly stressful exams at the end of the year or twice per year to assess whether you remember what you learnt months ago? Instead, in the working world you are tested daily and weekly regarding what you have just learnt, and then the next week you are tested on what you just learnt before that.

Therefore, continuous assessment is the way real life works and that is why we only test via continuous assessments throughout the year, as your studying needs to mirror what you will find in the adult working world. To summarize, there are no major, final year end exams; where did you ever see that taking place in an adult working environment?

The SLC certification is designed for students that do not necessarily wish to enter university (even though they still can) but rather may -

Bullet Point Wish to study at college
Bullet Point Wish to work for themselves
Bullet Point Wish to work for small and medium sized companies
We have developed our own schooling curriculum from grade 5 through to high school graduation. The medium of instruction is English only, and no second language nor Afrikaans is offered. In essence, the curriculum is similar to the South African CAPS curriculum currently used in schools except all the unnecessary subjects such as History and Geography have been removed, and replaced with more practical, relevant subjects.
The schooling is delivered via an internet linked PC. The entire student experience is online and students can be based anywhere as long as there is a good quality internet signal.
Students receive their academic content in various ways;
Bullet Point Ebooks (these are digital textbooks that are downloaded to the student’s Android smartphone)
Bullet Point Access to a student’s calendar that gives daily guidance on what the student should be doing
Bullet Point Access to frequent assessments in all subjects. We believe in continuous assessment as and when students learn a topic. This mirrors the real world where you are constantly tested and have to deliver on what you know, unlike unrealistic, stressful exams a few times a year.
Bullet Point Access to 2832 audio lessons (here each lesson is also delivered in audio format)
Bullet Point Access to each lesson as a game that can be played! The curriculum includes 2832 games, one for each lesson, for each subject, on each day. We believe that learning should be fun and interactive and this makes learning the SLC (School Leaver Certificate) exactly that!
Bullet Point Each students learns for 181 academic days per year, which is the standard amongst most schools throughout South Africa. Also, the SLC uses the Gauteng private school calendar with three terms per year. Report cards are accessible at the end of each term.
The curriculum takes ten years to complete, so you SAVE two years!
Bullet Point Grade 5
Bullet Point Grade 6
Bullet Point Grade 7
Bullet Point Grade 8
Bullet Point Grade 9
Bullet Point Senior Level 10
Six subjects are offered from grade 8, and three subjects for grades 5 – 7. Each of these subjects are mandatory in order to graduate and the required minimum pass mark is 65% for each subject, for each year and the final year, with a yearly pass for any year being awarded based on all combined assessments done throughout that year. Students not attaining the required 65% for all subjects for any grade or year, will be required to repeat that year. For the issuance of their School Leaver Certificates, students are assessed on all the assessments taken throughout their final Senior Level 10 year. Once they have passed all the assessments for the year with at least 65% and above, they will be able to download their final certificate from within their account panel.
Bullet Point Grades 5 – 7
(Click any subject name for more info) Bullet Point Grade 8 – Senior Level 10 (3 years)
(Click any subject name for more info) To see a sample certificate, click     
We take examination integrity seriously and students are required to take their final assessments in their last year at a local centre. For more info, click here.


The SLC is accredited by the most important person, YOU! You will decide whether it offers value and will therefore continue with the journey to acquire it. If you asked a typical South African school student how relevant they thought their schooling curriculum was to their future, what do you think they would say? Would their comments be positive? The School Leaver Certificate is not directly accredited by the South African government, as its aims and objectives do not conform nor align with what they currently accredit, as anyone can see that the South African curriculum is not giving millions of South Africans what they really need in terms of schooling education. However, South African governmental accreditation is given if additional courses are taken. See below for details.
Bullet Point If you are going to go into your own business, for example, why do you need a governmental body to accredit the knowledge you will learn for yourself and will apply in YOUR business? Especially when such a governmental body is made up of people and academics that have never started nor run a successful business themselves!
Bullet Point Secondly, more and more employers will recognize the SLC as a viable, practical alternative to the matric, as not everyone has the opportunity to obtain a matric by attending a traditional school.
Bullet Point Thirdly, you can continue tertiary studies via Velocity College, which fully accredits and recognizes the SLC. To read up more about Velocity College and what courses are offered, see their website by clicking here.
Bullet Point Fourthly, if you wish to receive a matric that is accredited by the South African government, for example if you wish to enter university, you can! This can be achieved by completing your School Leaver Certificate with Cyber School and then completing the United States GED via Cyber School (one extra year) and then optionally doing an NQFL5 bridging course (one extra year) via one of our accredited colleges. That would total 12 years of study to obtain a university entrance matric in South Africa, which is the same amount of time all other students are taking to complete their schooling before entering university, which is typically 12 years. If you just wanted an accredited matric without university entrance, then you don’t need to complete the one year bridging course. If you just wanted an accredited matric without university entrance, then you don’t need to complete the one year bridging course.
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