Helping students go mainstream "socially" whilst still having the benefits of home schooling!

We believe social interaction for school students to be a vital part of their holistic all round education. More importantly, the right type of interaction with suitable children of similar ages and interests. Our Social Curriculum is free to all homeschooling students!

To achieve successful socializing, we have developed an online socializing platform called Chatterbugs. You can read up more about that below. In addition, we have started and continue to develop local social hubs of homeschoolers, with each headed by a Region Coordinator, which is typically a homeschooling mother that helps promote social events within her designated region.

As a member of Chatterbugs (which is free), you can then connect with the events in your area via the members only calendar for your region. For example, if you live in a particular town, you will link yourself to the Region that encompasses your town, and will be able to connect your children to the events in your area. These may include sporting events, social get togethers, and in fact any type of event that works for all the members. To become a Region Coordinator in your area, you need to be running a Learning Centre that uses the Cyber School curriculum. Should you wish to connect with us via a Webinar, please contact us via our contact page for more info.

Cyber School has developed which is a unique website that offers home schooling children the ability to connect, both socially and in terms of finding new friends in their area, be it for play days or sport.

This is a safe, closed user network that is only open to school students. After having their registration validated, students can network with each other and when ready, ask their parents for assistance in setting up a play date or face to face get together.

Parents are given full control over the children’s accounts, manage contacts, and can verify chat transcripts in an effort to ensure acceptable content is used.

Additional controls such as parents being able to control when and for how long their children access the site are also available.

Not only can students use it to connect with other students of similar ages or with the same hobbies and interests, but to also find those that play the same sports. In addition, students can set up, co-ordinate social get togethers and manage functions and sporting events!

This service is free to all home schooling students in an effort to encourage and support socialising amongst all homeschooling students, and strives to complement home schooling in social and sporting areas that are not offered to the same extent as in traditional schools.

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