The Cyber School curriculum is highly recommended and is automatically combined with the GED/International curriculum

Students wishing to take the GED final examinations and acquire GED certification must take the required GED curriculum subjects, that are set by the GED Testing Service and not by Cyber School.

The Cyber School curriculum is developed exclusively for Cyber School students and is designed to supplement the GED curriculum, thereby offering each student the best all-round curriculum available anywhere. Although we believe it is essential, the Cyber School curriculum offers no external certification (except for internal report cards) and is optional.

There are three different options:

Self-study (The student receives textbooks, teacher’s notes, daily calendar instructions and ongoing assessments)

Standard with Audio (The student receives all the above plus all lessons in audio format)

Premium with Live Classes (The student receives all the above live classes in virtual classrooms with qualified teachers)

(If you wish to have any of the Cyber School subjects excluded, simply let us know and we will remove them, otherwise, they will all be included in each student’s curriculum)

This table shows you the subjects that each student would learn from Grade 5 onwards.

The Cyber School Curriculum

The below courses will be launching January 2020

* Computer, Mobile Phone and Internet Literacy (A course for young and old, and for the technologically disadvantaged. This course will teach you the basics on how to use a computer to your advantage)

* Problem solving Maths (A course that will challenge your mind. Based on critical thinking skills and it will assist you in the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex problems in your life.)

* General life skills course (A course that everyone needs. The course will teach you the basic things in life that you are not taught in any other school. This course focuses on general skills that you need to become a successful and motivated person and will help you succeed in life. You won’t need google anymore!)


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