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Life Skills Program

life skills

At the Life Skills Program we offer a variety of courses to complement the existing curriculum your child is taking at his current school. Each course described below can be taken separately or as a combined, discounted package which costs US$ 99 per month. These extra subjects do not replace, but will rather complement and […]

Importance of specific skills in professional development.

specific skills

Importance of specific skills in professional development. Competencies are those that demonstrate that a student is ready for professional development. The term competencies represents the ability of a person to put into practice all the thoughts, knowledge, abilities and values ​​when acting in a specific environment or context. Cognitive resources that intervene in the development […]

Digital risks – Frequent risks when adopting technological tools and processes

Digital risks

The Internet has changed our habits, the way we behave as a society. It has removed borders, connected everyone on the planet to each other, and allowed new forms of organization and collaboration among citizens. But at the same time, it has also provided criminals with a new environment in which to operate, allowing anonymity […]

How to start working life?


We know that finishing the university period is an important step. The exams are over and you managed to obtain that title after years of study and dedication. You finished a stage, it is true, but now another begins that you must face in a different way. No one teaches us how to approach the […]

Life skills – What do you really need to know to have a successful life?


Very often parents ask two decisive questions regarding their children: What do you really need to know to have a successful life? And is knowledge a guarantee of success in life? When children are young, parents’ concerns revolve around food, health, walking, in short, talking about proper development, but when they reach puberty, when they […]

The importance of studying various languages ​​in the 21st century


Having full command of two different languages ​​brings excellent benefits not only in a personal environment, but also in work; More and more job offers are asking for staff who are fluent in a second language. Speaking a second language perfectly opens more doors for a global job market. Not only is it easier to […]

Study at a Distance – Tips to develop Self-management and Commitment

Tips to develop Self-management and Commitment

Have you ever wondered what is required for distance study to be productive? Studying at a distance offers many advantages but it also requires a great capacity for self-discipline, which allows effective learning to be achieved with the objective proposed in the training project. The student of the non-face-to-face systems enjoys the benefits derived from […]

Problem solving: A key skill for the 21st century


Problem solving: A key skill for the 21st century The resolution of problems will be the most valued social competence for 69{f265253dd4d2b961ae7ee97f375c6ed7a96c21ae0d9da9e3ff1bd5abb6e3bf68} of those responsible for human resources surveyed, then for goal orientation (58{f265253dd4d2b961ae7ee97f375c6ed7a96c21ae0d9da9e3ff1bd5abb6e3bf68}) and collaboration (57{f265253dd4d2b961ae7ee97f375c6ed7a96c21ae0d9da9e3ff1bd5abb6e3bf68}). The ability to solve problems can be defined as the effectiveness and agility in finding solutions to surgical […]


Cyber School believes interactive games make learning fun and interesting. Games help make the hard stuff in life fun! We develop age and subject appropriate games that we incorporate into each subject and grade of the schooling curriculum wherever possible.

Just another way that we show you why we are the preferred choice for online homeschooling!

Here is the number of games included in each grade, with each game being allocated to lessons and subjects.


Check out these live game samples below by clicking on each one!

Grade 2 English

Grade 3 Mathematics

Grade 4 English

Grade 5 Science

Grade 6 English

Grade 7 Life Skills

Grade 8 English

Grade 9 Social Studies

GED L1 Mathematics

GED L2 Mathematics

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