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6 common mistakes we make when studying


Maybe, when it comes to studying, it is difficult for you to write, concentrate to read, memorize… Have you ever wondered why it is difficult for you to study? Study is an intellectual activity that enables learning. This implies that it is not a quiet and passive mental task … quite the contrary. Learning by […]

What is Neuroeducation and how can we educate our brain?


In biology and neuropsychology laboratories it is possible to investigate the way in which basic mental processes work: memory, decision-making, discrimination between different stimuli, etc. All of these psychological functions tell us about how our brains adapt to the environment and allow us to learn from our experiences. But … what if we investigate how […]

What is STEM education and why it can influence the future of your Children


It is time to make STEM education a priority for all students. There is a lot of talk about innovative or novel educational models and from our point of view, that’s a good thing. Because it undoubtedly shows that there is a growing concern to rethink the current model, or at least, seek mixed formulas. Educational […]

Discover your talents and abilities


Discovering your talent or natural gift is possible for everyone. Perhaps you are one of those people who believes they have no talent or any special gifts. As a result of this, it is likely that you have not yet discovered what your true vocation is and you dedicate yourself to a job that does […]

4 Advantages of using the mnemonic to memorize


We have talked a lot about different techniques that help us to better memorize and optimize our time and effort in the study, which before a test can be crucial. In a broad sense, we could consider mnemonics everything that helps us remember something. For example, changing a finger ring or making a knot in […]

5 mnemonic rules that will help you improve your memory


A mnemonic rule consists of a short sentence, which is easy to memorize and that artificially helps to relate words that do not have much to do, this way it is easier to memorize. Memory is like a large warehouse or trunk where we keep our memories, recent and distant. Thanks to her we recognize […]

5 tips to study without getting bored


For many students, the problem is not so much how to pass or not, but how to study without getting bored, it is a replica that many face every day. And it is a fact that fun is not in itself one of the values ​​that is promoted in education. Of course, it is not […]

Importance of educability in the learning process.


Importance of educability in the learning process. There are multiple aspects that relate to and shape the educational process. In an educational process, when there are at least 2 elements, one of them is the ability to be influenced and, on the other hand, the ability to influence, when there is this possibility of being […]

Gamification – Learning through games


Gamification is a learning technique that transfers the mechanics of the game to the educational-professional field to achieve better results. Turn a boring activity into another activity that motivates and encourages people to participate. (Kind of like rewarding certain achievements throughout an activity with badges.) It seeks to achieve three clear objectives: on the one […]

The effective learning processes.


Learning is defined as the process of acquiring new skills or competences. The step from being incompetent to being experts in some skill or knowledge. By ability we mean learning to say mom, riding a bike and speaking languages. Obviously, there are more complex skills than others. This complexity is given by the number of […]


Cyber School believes interactive games make learning fun and interesting. Games help make the hard stuff in life fun! We develop age and subject appropriate games that we incorporate into each subject and grade of the schooling curriculum wherever possible.

Just another way that we show you why we are the preferred choice for online homeschooling!

Here is the number of games included in each grade, with each game being allocated to lessons and subjects.


Check out these live game samples below by clicking on each one!

Grade 2 English

Grade 3 Mathematics

Grade 4 English

Grade 5 Science

Grade 6 English

Grade 7 Life Skills

Grade 8 English

Grade 9 Social Studies

GED L1 Mathematics

GED L2 Mathematics

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