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This offers live, interactive teaching in real time. As a student, you will access this “classroom” everyday and attend your classes at pre-determined times according to your student timetable and the school term calendar.

The virtual classroom consists of a teacher that connects to the classroom interface, and at the same time, all registered students login and also connect to and join the classroom. The teacher then commences teaching. Some features include –

Using our digital textbooks offers many advantages when compared to outdated paper based textbooks:

  • They are paperless. This means they are more environment friendly as they use less resources to produce.
  • They are portable as they are installed onto your pc, which means you can move around if travelling or they take up less storage space.
  • They are more affordable as they are offered via a monthly instalment plan instead of having to pay a lump sum up front.
  • There are no shipping costs.
  • You can search within your content. This means you can conduct revision and research within your textbook content as you can search for any keywords.
  • All our textbooks are written and compiled by qualified teachers that know what students need. This helps ensure that students only use and receive relevant content; content that cuts away the fluff and delivers the core of what needs to be learned.
  • All content is continually updated as and when necessary. Unlike with paper based books, we don’t have to wait for copies to be sold out or for the next “big” print run or edition before we can update or improve upon a previous edition. We can do this at anytime and at no extra cost to you!

After registration, you will be emailed download instructions and login details for your digital textbooks.

Welcome to the Future of Textbooks, proudly brought to you by Cyber School!

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