workplace readiness

This short course has been designed for school leavers and young adults. It is designed to help you make a successful transition from education into employment, be that part time or permanent, private or corporate sector. You have had to work very hard to get to where you are right now. As you prepare for the transition into a working environment, you may be experiencing different emotions…


at the prospect of your future career


with the uncertainty of the unknown


wondering whether what you have learned in your education will be enough for a successful start in your career

Completing this short course will help refresh your understanding and help develop the self-confidence and the right business attitude to start your new working life with a positive outlook!

Each level has one assessment consisting of 10 questions each.

What to look forward to!

Part 1

School leaver: What next?

Part 2

Becoming an adult

Part 3

Preparing for the workplace

Part 4

The Workplace

The sky’s the limit, you determine your own success!

If you select to buy the course in installments you will pay $62.50 (approximately R955.00) per module, and there are a total of 4 modules, totaling $250 (approximately R3820.00) payable in advance.

Or you can select to pay the full amount upfront for which you receive the $80 (approximately R1228.00) discount! This totals $170 (approximately R2592.00) for the full course (all 4 modules)(Full amount $250 - R3820)


$ 62
approximately R3820
  • per module


$ 170 approximately R2592
  • per 4 module
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