Earn your GED High School Diploma!

Instead of grade 10, 11 or 12, students will prepare to write their final GED® exams. These total approx. 7 hours and can be done over a few days. The GED® replaces grades 10-12 and we have condensed that into 2 years of study. We offer GED® Level 1 (a grade 10 and half of grade 11 replacement) and GED® Level 2 (a half of grade 11 and 12 replacement). This makes a total of 11 years studying, instead of 12 years. At the end of successfully completing GED® Level 2 with us, students will be sufficiently prepared to write their GED® final exams.

Once successful, you will receive your GED® transcript from GED® Testing Service and a GED® credential from the Office of State Superintendent of Education in Washington, DC. The GED® credential signifies that the student has met the prevailing standards of high school in the United States. In addition, colleges and employers in many countries accept the GED® credential as equal to their country’s high school diploma.

In the United States, 98% of colleges and universities that require a high school diploma accept the GED® credential and 96% of companies accept applicants with a GED® credential for jobs requiring a high school diploma. All fifty states in the United States officially offer the GED® exams and it has been written by more than 17 million people and is offered via 3400 exam centres worldwide!

Our advice is to take the following courses, depending on a student’s goals after completing high school:

  • If a student does NOT wish to proceed onto Tertiary studies, he will need to take the GED® exam/test as a minimum requirement. We suggest that students upgrade to the Premium Offering which includes valuable extra subjects such as Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Cyber School English and the How to Study course, skills which will greatly improve his/her future career prospects.
  • If a student DOES wish to proceed onto Tertiary studies, the GED® and SAT exams/tests are a minimum requirement. In addition, we recommend that students upgrade to the Premium Offering which includes valuable extra subjects such as Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Cyber School English and the How to Study course, which will increase the students chances of attaining a higher SAT English score and coping better during his Tertiary studies plus of course would benefit him in his future career.

We offer our GED® Level 2 students access to our GED® simulated exams (mock exams) All GED® Level 2 students will be charged a small fee of R200 for these mock exams in August of their GED® L2 year. Students can take these exams over and over, a great way to prepare for the real thing!

In 1942, The Unites States recognised that they needed a system to help World War 2 veterans to catch up time lost whilst fighting in the war instead of studying in the classroom. They developed the GED® test, a high school equivalency test that if passed, would be recognised for farther studies at a tertiary level. Since then, the GED® has been written by more than 17 million students! One in 9 high school diplomas in the United States are GED® graduates, and 1 in 20 university graduates have GED® diplomas.

We have been legally prevented by the South African government represent by Umalusi and it’s attorneys from comparing the NSC to the GED. Hence we have been forced to remove such comparison from our website.

A past student of ours has kindly sent us copies of his certificate and transcript;

Renowned GED® Recipients include -

- Ruth Ann Minner, Governor of Delaware
- Mary Lou Retton, Olympic Medal-Winner
- Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy’s
- F. Story Musgrave, NASA Shuttle Astronaut
- Bill Cosby, Comedian and Actor
- Honorable Greg Mathis, U.S. District Court Judge
- Gretchen Wilson, Country Music Musician
- Richard Carmona, Former U.S. Surgeon General
- Michael J. Fox, Actor and Advocate
- Wally Amos, Founder of Famous Amos Cookies

The GED® Test (2014 series) has 4 test areas:

Reasoning through Language Arts

Mathematical Reasoning


Social Studies (History, Geography, Economics, Civics & Government)

The four tests are designed to measure the knowledge and skills that a student should have acquired after four years in high school. One important thing about the tests is that even though the questions may involve a specific area of study such as science, you don’t have to memorize specific facts, details, dates, or even exact definitions. Much of this information is given to you in the test itself. You will have to be able to read and understand the material that is presented and then to answer questions about it.

The GED® exams are made up of the following types of questions

Multiple choice

Drag and drop

Hot spot (select an area)

Fill in the blank

Short answer

Extended response



Each subject is designed to test your skills and knowledge on different topics

MATHS115 MINUTESQuatitative & Algebraic Problem Solving
SCIENCE90 MINUTESLife science, physical science, earth and space science
SOCIAL STUDIES70 MINUTESCivics and government, U.S. history, economics, geography and the world
REASONING THROUGH LANGUAGE ARTS150 MINUTESAbility to read closely, write clearly, and edit and understand written text

Each subject is designed to test your skills and knowledge on different topics


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